Dayboro Geophysical

Dayboro Geophysical is Australia’s “Boutique” seismic data processing company, with a unique philosophy. We believe that by remaining compact and only employing very experienced and capable geophysicists we provide our limited number of clients with the best service possible. We have all worked for the big “Sausage Factory” contractors; we know how they take on too much and end up passing the work on to people who have no business doing it. At Dayboro your data will get focused personal attention from leading professionals.

Our “keep it small and simple” philosophy doesn’t mean we do not pack a big punch. We have a computer system significantly greater than our needs and can quickly crunch the numbers and take on significant sized projects. At Dayboro, no project is beyond us, but at the same time, we are just as happy to work on a single test line to help our clients understand their seismic better.