GLOBE_Claritas_Sticker_FINAL (Small)Globe Claritas

Claritas has been developed by geophysicists who also use the software for processing, so the result is a product which is unusually easy and enjoyable to use. The Claritas support service receives praise for the speed of response and the speed with which requested enhancements are added.




OpenCPS is the land and marine seismic processing software designed and developed in the 21st century to solve QC, time and depth processing challenges.

Interactivity. OpenCPS provides unique interactive processing technology with real-time feedback on  picks and parameters. More interactivity means better decisions, lower risk and faster turn-around.

Visualization. OpenCPS features fast 2D & 3D visualization and an interactive crossplot with instant access to headers and trace statistics. Advanced visualization allows you to identify and fix geometry and processing errors more quickly.

Integration. OpenCPS is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing technologies, including third-party  data formats and proprietary algorithms.



Dayboro utilizes DUGinsight for its interpretation needs. Dayboro also licenses DUGdepth for it’s Pre-Stack Imaging needs.