Our Team

Dayboro Geophysical currently employs people with a wide range of experience who have worked for industry leading companies. Having experienced  the challenges of seismic data from almost all parts of the world, including in-field and in-house  processing, our professionals are ready to help you to find the oil/gas you are looking for.
Ben Turner

Ben is the Principal Geophysicist at Dayboro. His background includes large scale 3D Marine processing and Depth Imaging.
Mike West

Mike is the Grand-daddy of the bunch with man decades of experience ranging from overseeing surveys in the swamps of Nigeria to battling it out on the corporate stage as a VP at Olympic Seismic. Mike is our Chief Geophysicist.
Szilard Albert
Sid is the Senior Geophysicist at Dayboro. He also boast experience with large 3D Marine projects as well as significant Land Processing experience.
Hamish Wilson
Hamish is our Junior Geophysicist and has been with us for about a year now.