Depth Migration

Depth imaging is a critical technology in areas with complex geometries and complex velocity regimes. At Dayboro, our Geophysicists have been building velocity models and imaging in depth for more than two decades. Dayboro possesses the complete imaging suite from Shearwater Geophysicals’ Reveal/OpenCPS seismic processing software, licensed to run on our clusters. This package has all the tools required to build and refine the velocity model using Tomography and to image the data using Kirchhoff and other migrations. The third panel above shows our recent efforts imaging the base and sub-salt, previously unseen on the WA Officer Basin dataset.

Initial Velocity Model Building

Estimation of Anisotropy Parameters using Well Data and Seismic Gathers

Initial PSDM

Residual Delay Analysis (IT1)

Tomographic Velocity Model Update (IT1)

Iteration 2 through Iteration 5