Our Strategy

Dayboro has a unique philosophy for a data processing company, we prefer to stay fairly small and only employ very experienced and very capable geophysicists. We believe that by keeping ourselves compact we will continue to ensure that we provide our limited number of clients with the best service possible. Having all worked for the big processing houses over the years we know how easy it is to take on too much and end up passing the work to people who really have no business doing it. In addition to this, our staff have direct financial involvement in the success of each project; we feel that this provides the best motivation to ensure that the work is carried out to the highest standard in the best time possible.

Having said all that, our “keep it small and simple” philosophy doesn’t mean we do not pack a big punch. We have a computer system significantly bigger than our need which allows us to quickly crunch the numbers and take on projects that on the surface should be too big for us. We truly feel that no project is beyond us but at the same time we are just as happy to work on a single test line to help our clients understand their seismic better.