Dayboro’s primary processing tool is GLOBEClaritas. Claritas is a sophisticated and mature processing system which has been in development by GNS since the mid 1980’s. Cutting its teeth on the complex geology of New Zealand, Claritas’ has superb statics and velocity analysis modules as well as cutting edge processes such as SRME and Kirchhoff PSDM. Claritas has enabled us to undertake a broad range of processing projects ranging from multicomponent OBC through 2D land and all the way to state of the art marine 3D processing. For more information on Claritas we recommend the GNS website

For Marine processing and Pre-Stack Depth Migration velocity model building and update, Dayboro uses Shearwater Geophysicals’ OpenCPS/Reveal product. The depth package in OpenCPS/Reveal is a comprehensive velocity model building and migration package that enables the creation and update of 3D and 2D velocity models for PSDM. For more information on our OpenCPS/Reveal suite please visit