Dayboro Geophysical is a small company of career hard-core geophysicists. Every member of the team has significant experience and capability that can be demonstrated clearly. More importantly every member of the team has a direct financial interest in the success of the individual projects. Dayboro has no external shareholders and very low overheads and so the revenue from each project goes to the people carrying out the work.

This model is very different to that employed by other contractors. Generally most of the work at the big majors is done by Junior staff and at 5:30 they go home whether the work is done or not. At Dayboro we work until the work is done and we know that if it is not done well it is us who will bear the consequences. As a result of this, in the last two and a half years (since its inception) Dayboro has managed to complete a staggering amount of work relative to its size. Every project has been delivered on time and to the satisfaction of the client.

We believe in this model and in ourselves, our aim is to not grow to include a plethora of useless people and top-heavy management structure, but rather grow organically by adding individuals with the same work ethic (and capabilities) as us.

Each member of the team also has particular expertise and specialization and we complement each other well.